Find your local Notch retailer

Tieroom, in USA, UK, Sweden, FinlandNorwayGermany and Denmark
Amazon, in USAUK, and Germany.
Both Tieroom and Amazon ship worldwide. 

Notch products can be bought at the following stores
Mind the bag in Boden, Sweden
Ruth & Raol in Uppsala and Stockholm, Sweden
Herrafataverzlun Kormáks & Skjaldar in Reykjavík, Iceland
Bernhards Koffert in Falköping, Sweden
Erik & Ida in Bengtsfors, Sweden
Dandy's, The Gentleman's Store in Austin, Texas, USA
Spots in Riga, Latvia
Mode-Galerie, Herrenausstatter Ralf Schon in Bensheim, Hessen, Germany
Cayman Sock Company in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Do you want to become a Notch retailer or know of a store that you wish sold Notch products? Don't hesitate to contact us!